Experience Japanese culture! How to enjoy the popular “Shinsekai”

” Shinsekai ” in the southern part of Osaka city famous for Tsunenkaku in Jean Jean Yokocho, signboards with big puffer lanterns and so on. Spot where you can enjoy Japanese culture and food such as “Osaka specialty kushikatsu, Okinawan specialty kushikatsu, Tomonaki, Yoshimoto entertainers’ comfort and comic musical” Asahi Theater “24-hour hot spring heaven” World’s great hot spring spa world “. Let’s introduce how to enjoy the topic “Shinsekai”.

Beginning of Shinsekai

The beginning of the “Shinsekai” was the Meiji 36 (1903), Eastern Half Tennoji Park was created on the site of the 5th National Exposition Fair held at Tennoji and the present “Shinsekai”, and the symbol Tsutenkaku (the first generation) and Luna park of a fee amusement park on the south side were created.

A playhouse shop and a movie theater gathered and developed as a result of this, and the “Shinsekai” was made to be formed. Currently, both Luna Park and Movie Theater are closed, but the Observatory of Tsutenkaku is still a tourist and still busy.

Also, “Jean Jean Yokocho”, where about 50 shops such as kushikatsuya, shiyakiya shop, and go shogi club gathers up, visited by a large number of tourists on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, Mr. Billiken and Fuku lanterns It became famous as a spot where you can enjoy taking pictures with signs etc. on the back.

When was the Tsutenkaku?

The history of the Tsutenkaku started from the Meiji era more than 100 years ago from now and boasted the height of the East in the Meiji 45 year, 64 meters at that time, was imitated the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Arc de Triomphe. The current Tsutenkaku is the second generation built in 1955, the height of the top floor is 103 m.
Mr. Billiken of the Fukuoka is settled on the observation deck and is a tourist attraction that is still loved by many people as a symbol of Osaka.

Neon at the tip of the tower that will light up at night. Did you know that weather for tomorrow can be known with this color?
It seems that it changes to sunny = white, cloudy = orange, rain = blue, snow = pink.

What is Biriken san?

The must-see shrine on the observatory floor of the Tsutenkaku is a must see together with the magnificent view overlooking Osaka is the Biriken temple where the third generation Billiken is settled. “Biriken” is a god of happiness that modeled the mysterious person the American female artist dreamed about. It is characterized by a sharp head and a suspended eyes. In Osaka, it is familiar with the nickname “Mr. Billiken”.

Mr. Billiken who is now able to see is newly brought up in Heisei 2012 (2012) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tsutenkaku and Shinsekai. It is said that there are benefits when touching the soles of the feet thrown in front, and tourists who stroke the back of the small wooden legs are undoubtedly an extremely popular spot.

Shin Asahi Theater

Usually, live by Yoshimoto Kogyo entertainers and musicals etc. are also performed, but mass public theatrical performances are sometimes performed.
Yoshimoto Live to be held at the Asahi Theater, its name is also “Live at the New World Asahi Theater Yoshimoto Live” Kim, Saturday and Sunday, many youngsters from veterans appeared, and comic strips can be enjoyed easily.

We also organize plan events that only the Asahi Theater can enjoy.

Let’s walk Jean Jean Alley!

Jean Jean Alley, a famous shopping street in a corner of the Shinsekai. In shopping districts where Showa’s atmosphere remains, eating and drinking establishments such as Izakaya, Kushikappa, and specialty shops of Go and Shogi are on display.

Smart ball that you want to try by all means. It might be better to think of retro pachinko. Earned balls can also be exchanged for prizes and can be returned to their childhood purely.

And a game center that has retro arcade games installed.

A famous shop without queues. It is an exquisite taste to eat with kushikatsu “Yae wins” counter on fried freshly fried eggs in a sauce of “twice banned”. Details are introduced also in this article.

新世界 を360度動画で見る。 串カツ など大阪らしさを体験するならここ!
大阪らしさを体験するならまずはこのエリア「 新世界 」 串カツ あり、通天閣ありと一歩踏み入ればそこは独特な雰囲気を持ち、「The Osaka」を味わえること間違いなしで...

Osaka’s hidden specialty Mix juice birthplace “Senior store coffee” is also recommended store. Osaka specialty mix juice is a gem you want to drink! Mix juice mix of banana, apple, peach and oranges with milk is a delicious taste that becomes a habit with refreshing aftertaste while passing through sweet throat.

World big spring hot spring “spa world”

There is 16 kinds of baths in 11 countries and rock baths in 8 countries in 1 big theme park in the bath right next to the Tsutenkaku, all of which are hot spring baths.It is a hot spring where you can enjoy hot springs of your own source with various tastes according to the concept of 16 kinds of eleven countries.Also, the bath itself is also open-aired, with footbath, with hammered water, with sleeping bath, with bathing bath.

Apart from hot springs, there is also a swimming pool with a huge slider and kids area, a rest room where you can rest until the morning, a meal to taste Osaka gourmet, etc. It is gaining popularity as a place to play all day.

After having enjoyed enough in this area, “Namba station” around “Namba station” at Midosuji line is also recommended area. Please also read this article.

裏難波 ランチ 女性にもオススメ厳選7店! 食倒れるならここ!
裏難波 ランチ を食べるならミナミで最も熱いこのエリアがオススメ。外国人観光客も増え始めましたが、まだまだリーズナブルで女性にも人気!思う存分食倒れて下さい。...


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