Japan Sightseeing Places Vlog


Japan Sightseeing Places Vlog

This is a channel for walking around tourist attractions in various parts of Japan. You are interested in Japan but can’t go there. Or you have been to Japan but have never been there. We hope that people who are interested in Japan will watch this channel and use it as a reference. Please also enjoy the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Walking in Dotonbori (Namba, Dotonbori at night)

Dotonbori is gorgeous at night. This is a video “stroll log” that just walks around Dotonbori area from Ebisubashi Bridge.
Dotonbori in Namba, Osaka, is getting back to its bustle. You can also see the famous crab and dragon signs.

copying Buddha’s picture

This meditative practice has deep roots in Japanese culture and is known to provide a sense of peace and spiritual connection.

Follow along as we guide you through the serene temple grounds and demonstrate the Shabutsu process, allowing you to immerse yourself in this ancient tradition.

YouTube Short Video

Here is a short video on YouTube. We have compiled a list of sightseeing spots around Japan in short videos.

A walk from Osaka JR Namba Station to Nankai Namba Station.

A walk from Osaka JR Namba Station to Nankai Namba Station. It goes through the underground, so you can come and go without getting wet in the rain. You can also use this video as a navigator’s guide because it’s a bit confusing to get there.

We also have a selection of other videos introducing Japanese tourist attractions.For a preview before your trip to Japan. Or use it as a pseudo trip to Japan.

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このサイトは大阪を中心に日本のおすすめスポット、グルメなどを紹介していきます。 街の風景や360度動画でVR体験もできる動画チャンネルもあわせて紹介します。