If you want to eat ramen in Namba, first go to the 9th floor of Edion Namba Honten


Ramen Shop “Namba Ramen troupe” opened in Namba

Nine ramen stores nationwide are gathered in Namba.”Namba Ramen Troupe” opens at the 9th Floor Ramen Park at Edion Namba Honten.If you are wondering where to go to the ramen shop in Namba, it is no problem if you come here first.

“Ebisu-like” Welcomes You at Ramen Park


The “Ebisu” of the ramen is greeted by the “Ebisu-sama” of Tsutenkaku, which was made big in the first sight after arriving on the 9th floor with an elevator and an escalator.You can take a commemorative photo with us, so please enjoy it from here first.

More than nine stores are gathering

Kim Tai

“Yoshishino noodle Shop” of “Bettei Takei”, a seafood pork bone that provides thick pork bone and seafood noodles in the Kansai area, “Kintaya” of pork bone ramen opened from Fukuoka

Yoshiyama Shoten

You can enjoy seafood noodle noodles “home made noodle fish smooth noodles chen Mapo tofu dandan noodles” from the North is home miso ramen “Yoshiyama Shoten” and, entered the domestic hormone and fragrant oil scum, kiyouno black that can not be eaten only here “WA dining Kiyouno”

Let ya

“Additive-free soup, body-friendly” ramen Hyogo’s “Noodles Specialty Wahai” made by Ya Nikesaku brand “salt noodles specialty” The shop that won the last Tokyo seven, “Let’s Shop” is comprised of a total of nine stores.

Entrance with signs

Ramen Troupe Sign

A lineup that makes you wonder where to eat.Even if you are a single person or a couple, please take a closer look at this first.

Ramen Troupe Floor Map

It says “one Cup of Bliss”, but isn’t it enough here?I want to go hungry and have two cups.

“Back Namba” is popular among young people and foreign tourists in the immediate vicinity of Edion Namba Honten.I also introduce lunch to enjoy there.Please enjoy together.

Introduction of each ramen shop

Ramen Troupe Campus

The harmony of the jaw soup and the pork Bone “Yoshi Yoshino Noodle”

Yoshi Yoshino Noodle Place

Ramen is influenced by preference, but if you want to avoid the procession, you can get a classy and refined ramen that uses the “Yoshishino noodle Shop”, which is relatively quick to seat.

Shokuno Noodle Machine

There is also a little unusual ramen, such as curry noodles.First, there is no problem in the top left “Fei dashi ramen”.

Fei Dashi Ramen

It is rich in a beautiful soup with chewy noodle noodles, but it is a good balance seasoning.

Fly broth Ramen Condiments

Condiments are self-service, and you can add “chopped onions”, “leek peppers” and “grated garlic”.By changing the seasoning, it is appreciated that you can eat without getting tired until the end.

Chopped onion

It is satisfactory if there is “step onion” and “leek Chili”.

Shokuno Noodle Menu

The thick curry ramen is also interesting.The person who does not have time, it was recommended for those who say that I lost the first [Yoshi Yoshino made Noodle place].

Store information

Eating log

Dandan noodles, the most exquisite seafood noodle ever

Dandan noodles

Next, there is a head office in Fukushima in Osaka, “Dandan noodles”, where you can enjoy supporting noodles, and it is opened as the second store in Eddie on.The noodles based on Japanese style dashi are exquisite.Since it is still a nameless shop nationwide, you can take a seat relatively early.

Thick white Sesame Noodles

The photograph is a gem that “thick white sesame bearing noodles” Japanese dashi and white Sesame worked.

Store information

[tabelog] website

The charisma of the noodle field which represents Kansai!”Bettei Takei”

Bettei Takei

It is a shop of the new brand of the charisma “Kyoto noodle Shop” of the noodle world which represents the “Bettei Takei” Kansai which is right on the right.

Store information

Official website

Delicious creamy tonkotsu “Kaneda family”

Kim Tai

It is a ramen shop where you can eat N pork bone ramen in Kyushu.

Store information

Eating log

“Yoshiyama Shoten” where you can enjoy authentic miso ramen

Yoshiyama Shoten

I roasted two kinds of miso which I blended.Yoshiyama Shoten became the top runner of Sapporo Ramen in Hokkaido

Store information

Official website

Recommended Kiyomino Black “WA dining kiyoo”

Yoshino Dining

I can enjoy the original ramen “Kiyomino black” which can only be eaten only here with domestic hormones and fragrant oilgrounds.

Store information

Eating log

“Additive-free soup, body-friendly” ramen “Noodle Specialty Japanese Sea”

Ramen Specialty, Wahai

You can enjoy the “salt ramen” of the additive-free soup stuck to natural materials.

Store information

Eating log

First store in Osaka “Salt Noodle Specialty”

Salt Noodle Specialty

You can enjoy the salt ramen in the second brand of pride that made known to the whole country the birth, the name as a two-hair work of ya.

Store information

Official website

The shop which won the Tokyo Seven was first landed “but Ya”

Let ya

In the left, “Ya” is a store from Tokyo and there is always a procession.If the column is short, I recommend the shop immediately entered.

Store information

Official website

The toy shop is also open on the same floor

Ramen Troupe Souvenir

When I enjoyed ramen, I bought memories at the goods shop at the end.We have a selection of original goods, so please take a peek.


Ebisu will see you off at the end.

Ramen Troupe

At the end, the Bamboo Grove is the street exit.It is “Ramen Park” of the Eddie on Namba Honten which was made with the awareness of foreign tourists, but of course Japan can enjoy it enough.If you are looking for a ramen shop in Namba, you can come here first without any problem.

Ramen Park Information

Location and business hours

  • Address: No. 2, Namba 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076, Japan
  • Contact Tel: 06-6630-6733 (representative)
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 23:00 (Last Order 22:30)-Open all year

Access from the public transportation

  • 2 minute walk from Namba Station on the Osaka Metro
  • 4 minute walk from Nankai Namba Station Osaka Takashimaya
  • 5 minute walk from Osaka Namba Station on the Kintetsu Hanshin
  • 9 minute walk from JR Namba Station

Namba Ramen Troupe Official site

* The introduction of each store will be updated at any time.



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